Assisting Giving Circles and other individual donors in making their contributions more meaningful.


Facilitate networking among non-affiliated individuals and among new or existing giving circles by providing a forum, resources, knowledge base, and communication and organizational tools so that they can identify and coordinate with others who have common giving goals.


Provide Giving Circles and individuals with information, resources and knowledge to better leverage, manage and grow their resources so they can enhance the level, scope and depth of giving.


Enable Giving Circles and individuals to achieve greater impact in their giving by providing guides on how to better analyze prospective charities, strategically plan their funding, and continually assess the results of contributions, thereby continually improving the impact of their giving.

Why We’re Here

Giving Circles—a form of shared giving and social investment networking—represent a growing trend in philanthropy as community organizations established by individuals are seeking to have greater involvement in their giving. Also, there are broader issues and trends in philanthropy as a whole that are making “Giving Circles” as a mode for individual giving more attractive and fulfilling.