How to Help

Why Donate?

GCN supports Giving Circles nationally via its products and services, which are all currently 100% free to the general public and to Giving Circles nationwide.  With your help, we can continue to offer these services and products, thereby promoting Giving Circles across the U.S. as well as other related forms of shared giving and social investment networks.  For more information, see our mission, goals and objectives.  Also, learn about the significance and relevance of Giving Circles, and why your supporting Giving Circles through GCN helps non-profit organizations and ultimately our local and regional communities nationwide.

To Donate

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so two ways:

Donate online via the Network for Good

Network for Good


Donate by mail

by sending a check payable to the “Giving Circles Network” with your name and mailing address to:

Attn:  Charitable Contributions
Giving Circles Network
P.O. Box 8904
Falls Church, VA  23041


The Giving Circles Network was incorporated in May 2005 in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a non-stock corporation and obtained its advance ruling status from the IRS as a non-profit organization or 501(c)(3) on September 18, 2006, which allows donations to the Giving Circles Network to be tax deductible.

Tax ID Information

The Giving Circles Network Tax Identification Number (also known as the Employee Identification Number or EIN) is: 20-3621218.

Additional IRS 501(c)(3) Classification Information follows:

Contribution Deductibility: Yes
Public Charity Status: 170( b)(1)(A)(vi)
Form 990 Required:  No

Right to Solicit for Charitable Donations (VA)

The Giving Circles Network is registered with and was approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia on November 27, 2006 to solicit charitable contributions under Section 57-49 of the Virginia Solicitation of Contributions Law.  A financial statement is available upon written request from the Office of Consumer Affairs.

If you require any additional information, please contact us by emailing